We are an A.G.O Supplying and diesel haulage Company that supplies companies and corporate outfits in Lagos and all over the 36-states in Nigeria with A.G.O(Diesel) for their generators,engines and diesel operated cars.

Our Diesel Supply solutionsĀ  can help you to meet your A.G.O budget for the month and satisfy your fuel requirements. in this regards.

our Custom made truck tanks have an advantage over off-the-shelf products in their adaptability and cost. Our Clients enjoy a high level of satisfaction and our drivers supply on time to meet up your needs.
We have the full tanker trucks and peddlar trucks all designed to provide solution to your diesel needs.
We can supply Vessels, tank farms, Companies, Large organizations, Business centers, Hospitals, Cybercafes Event center, Eateries, Schools e.t.c.

Due to the quality of products in the market, INTACTWAVES INVESTMENT LTD. is a company that assure clients good,trusted,reliable and quality products.

PRICE OF OUR PRODUCTS: Due to the constant change In petroleum products, prices of our products are not fixed but flexible, negotiable and affordable.

PAYMENT MODE: Payment is on delivery or duration agreed upon In the contract document.We receive bank drafts, cheques and/or cash.